Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Haiku from Harmers Haven

My friend Sue Canders lives at a divine location on Bass Coast called Harmers Haven. It's an inspirational place for anyone, especially Sue who is a poet and an enthusiastic photographer whether the subject be birds of the air, fish of the sea or the cows over the back fence.
Occasionally she sends me her latest Haiku to keep me inspired. Lucky me! Here's a few to share:

Oyster Catchers dance
Ballerinas on the beach
Leaping to the clouds

Young Hoodies hip hop
Strutting their stuff in sunshine
Making Harmers home

~~ * ~~


  1. Beautiful photos, and the text adds poetry to the moment!

  2. Sharing with friends is the essence of a good neighbourhood so I do feel extremely fortunate to have found like minded people in Harmer's; it is a true Haven providing delightful adventures every day!


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